ESSENCE: Soft Touch Mousse (Foundation)

Hello Everybody.

It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything but better late than never. So, here I am, with a new post about an Essence foundation which I’ve been trying lately.


The product comes in a thick glass jar which is really nice quality and travel friendly. The amount of product you get in here is 0.56oz or 16 grams. Here’s what it looks like;



essence mousse



The texture is that of a typical mousse foundation i.e. Cream-to-powder and comes in Four (4) shades which, to be honest, is very disappointing. If you look at the pan, it looks very rough and powdery. I’m in the shade 01. Here’s a swatch;



So, coming to the product itself. This foundation was not an immediate like for me. I had to use it in a few different ways to make it work. When I started using this foundation I immediately disliked it, primarily because I am not fond of mousse foundations. And also because it didn’t sit on my skin nicely (I was just using my fingers to blend it in) and gave the impression of a unblended product.

Then I decided to give it another shot. This time I tried it with a dampened makeup sponge and the foundation seems to like this method. What I do is take a flat makeup sponge and apply the product in swiping motion (not the bouncing you do with a typical beauty blender shaped sponge) and that is what works best with this one.

Now, this foundation has become my go-to in-a-rush because its easy, quick and takes almost no time to blend. It has medium coverage and no, you can not build this up. If you try to build, it starts to look unflattering. On my oily skin it stays around 4,5 hours before it starts to fade around my mouth. But you can totally take it up to 6,7 hours if used with a good primer.

The foundation is matte but I am not sure if it can survive without setting it with a powder because I, anyhow, like to powder all my foundations since I’ve oily skin.


  • Does not oxidize
  • Does not feel heavy on the skin
  • Very affordable

All in all, it’s a nice product and I’ll give this one 3.5 out of 5. I think girls with oily skin should give it a try.

So people this is it for today. Hope to see you soon.

Till then,

Take Care.. xo !!


Under Eye Bags : Remedies To Treat Puffiness

Hey There;

Today’s one is rather interesting for most of us because we all have been there and experienced those puffy and kind-of-ugly looking under eye bags.

So, if you’re a mom to an infant who couldn’t manage to sleep (for which I send you my word of appreciation 🙂 ) or someone random who is working at night or you just couldn’t get enough sleep last night; this one is for you !

These remedies are very simple ones that probably you might already know but let’s recall them anyway.

Number 1:

Take two not very thick potato slices and put them in the freezer for 2 minutes (so that they’re refreshingly cool) and place them on your entire eye focusing more on the under eye and leave it for around 10-15 minutes. You’ll see a difference once you remove the slices.

The same thing can also be done with tomato slices but the juice in the tomato tends to irritate my eyes. But if you don’t have such problem then tomatoes are more effective.

Number 2:

Another old but gold remedy is putting a refrigerated (preferably) metal spoon directly on the eye bags. This one I’ve tried a lot and trust me, for some weird reason, it just doesn’t cure those bags but also calms and refreshes the mind.

Number 3:

Another one I’ve tried for myself is to put a cotton pad drenched in milk and place it on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Milk actually contains lactic acid which is an amazing ingredient to use for puffy under eyes. It also helps in lightening the dark circles.

Number 4:

This one is a little gross (for me personally) but because it does work, I’m gonna share it with you.

So this one includes used tea bags. What you need to do is to refrigerate them (obviously) after you’ve enjoyed your tea and then put them on your under eyes to help calm the puffiness. What I like to do is refrigerate them for a few hours so that they’re not dripping.

I’ve also heard about ground coffee beans that they aid the under eye bags but I’ve never tried it on myself so I’m not really sure if it works or not.

So, you people it’s all for now 🙂

Please feel free to share your comments below or if you’ve any questions.

See ya soon!

Essence Gel Eye Pencil – Waterproof !

Hello Everybody.

Hope everyone is enjoying the best of their health.

The kohl we’re gonna be talking about is fairly new named Essence Gel Eye Pencil Waterproof. It was launched few months back and I’ve been using it since then.

The pencil is a retractable one and comes in a few basic colors. The black one we’re talking about is called Black Blaze. This is how the pencil looks like;

The formula on this is velvety smooth and glides on very easily. Also, the color is jet black and very rich in pigment. Here’s a swatch;


The pencil claims to be smudge proof and long-lasting which is true to its word and stays put for straight 5-6 hours before it starts to fade on my waterline.

The only thing I dislike about this product is that doesn’t stand my occasionally runny eyes. The eye pencil is marketed as a waterproof formula but it actually isn’t. The days when my eyes get watery, the color will literally disappear from the inner third of my eyes within 2-3 hours.

Another major pro for this brand in general is that it is cruelty free which most of us appreciate.

Price wise it is very cheap as compared to other brands keeping the performance in mind. In Pakistan it costs Rs. 400 only and in dollars it retails for $2.99 only.

So this is it for today.

Shall come back soon,

Till then, Take Care! Xx!

DIY: No More Blackheads !

Hello my gorgeous people!

It’s DIY time !

I’ve been working for this post from quite some time because I wanted to share something that’s REALLY worth it.

And I’m very happy I’ve something I can swear by!

I’ve tested this DIY several times and it never failed to amaze me.

You need only 2 things that are probably already available at your place.

You’ll be needing 1tsp toothpaste (preferably a herbal one, I used Colgate that has camomile in it) and 1tsp baking soda (bicarbonate of soda). Mix both well and add very little water, only if needed. Keep the paste thick so that it stays nicely.

Before applying the paste, wet a facial towel under hot water, squeeze, and place it on your nose for several seconds to help open up the pores. This way the remedy will be more effective.

Now apply the mixture on to the affected areas and let it sit until dries completely. Then wash it with cold water 💦!

And see for yourself ❗




Because baking soda has antibacterial properties which helps remove the bacteria sitting inside your pores and hence, we see the amazing results. Also, it helps in balancing the pH of your skin.

But, keep in mind that excessive use of this remedy can cause your skin to breakout. I like to repeat this once every week.

Also, don’t forget to try this and share your experience down below. I’d love to hear 🙂

I’ll see you next time!
Take care! Xx

My Go-To Evening Blush !

Hello Readers!

Hope each one of you is doing good.

Today’s topic is going to be my most favorite evening blush i.e. Luscious Powder Blush in Desert Rose. This might sound strange but I feel like this blush looks good with so many eye/lip looks. It comes in a silver plastic packaging. Here’s a picture;

This is a deep rosy shade with the most subtle sheen. A swatch can also be seen;

It is very easy to blend and has quite nice pigmentation. It also feels soft-to-touch even though the surface looks hard.

The formula is not powdery at all and has zero fall out. Although it does start to fade after 5 hours but keeping the price in mind, it already has done justice ;)!

The recent price is Rs 925, I bought it for Rs 700 though!

So, this is it for today!

Hope to see y’all soon.

Cheers !



Skincare – Do’s & Don’ts

Hello People;

Today’s topic is a little bit different as you can tell from the title. It’s going to be a do’s and don’ts of the skincare regimen.

In today’s time when we’ve hundreds and thousands of products claiming to take care of our skin, we tend to forget the most basic and simple things that cost us nothing but are of great value. Let’s have a look;

DO’s :

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated: By drinking lots and lots of water. Water keeps your skin fresh and plump.
  • Removing Makeup: Before you hit bed, it’s very important to remove makeup and deep cleanse your face. Sleeping with makeup on can cause breakouts, large pores and can also speed up the ageing process of your skin because with makeup your skin can’t breathe.
  • Exfoliation: You must not forget to exfoliate your skin twice (or may be thrice) a week. This way you’ll be removing the dead cells and rejuvenating the skin.
  • Wear Sunscreen: Even if you’ll be exposed to sun for a few minutes only. Roasting your skin under the sun is very old school, protect it from sun’s scorching beams and you’ll notice a significant difference in how your skin look and feel.

DON’Ts :

  • Overlook Moisturizing: Even if you’ve oily skin you must still moisturize (try applying lotion on damp face, this way you’ll be putting less but still enough to keep the skin moisturized) because if you don’t, your skin will produce more oil causing you to breakout ( or just feel greasy in general).
  • Cleaning A Lot: Excess of anything is bad, so you must not wash your face more than twice a day or else you’ll dry out your skin.
  • Touch Your Face Irrelevantly: Because our hands catch the germs fastest and if you touch your face a lot, you’ll be transferring those germs onto your face.
  • Drinking Very Chilled Water: It’s best to drink water that is in room temperature (could be slightly chilled).
  • Eating Excessive Junk Food: Because your skin is what you eat. If you eat a lot of junk food ( or oily food in general) your skin might not necessarily breakout but will look dull and unfresh. Instead, you can eat fresh vegetables and fruits to look your best.

Remember, the more you take care, the more you’ll be friends with your skin. And seriously, who wants otherwise ?!

So people, that is it for today. Hope this was helpful in some way!

See you next time,

Take care !

Nivea BB Cream – First Impressions & Wear Test !

Hello Everybody. Hope you’re reading my post in your best health.

Today we shall be talking about Nivea BB Cream 5 in 1 Beautifying Moisturizer, which I never knew it existed.

Last weekend while looking for a new face scrub I discovered that they had a BB cream too, so thought to give it a try. This is how the packaging looks like;


Nivea BB Cream comes in only 2 shades (seriously!) Light and Medium. I picked up light and surprisingly it was a tone darker than my skintone. (I lie between fair and medium). Have a look;


I tried it anyhow and here’s what I felt after the very first application;

First Impression:

  1. Has thick consistency
  2. Smells like regular Nivea moisturizing cream
  3. Has Sheer coverage
  4. Looks oily on the skin (could be because I’ve oily skin, although I wore it without a moisturizer)
  5. Doesn’t feel tacky
  6. Accentuate dry patches (I’ve oily skin but it’s been dry since a few weeks because of the dehydration)
  7. Sits weirdly on the skin

Now, after wearing the BB Cream for around 5 hours it;

  1. Feels lightweight on the skin. You almost don’t feel it.
  2. Didn’t oxidise (and/or fade) on me which is rare because BB creams tend to fade on me from around the mouth very quickly.
  3. Didn’t cake up although I applied a thick layer because it almost gave me no coverage with the regular amount I normally use.
  4. But even after 5 hours it looked bad as if it wasn’t blended properly (even after a lot of blending). It looks like you’ve something artificial sitting on your face.
  5. Is long wearing.

Overall, this BB cream was a total fail for me mainly because it just doesn’t look good on the skin and gives you a very artificial look.

Have you tried this BB cream? What do you think of it? Let me know and i’ll see you next time.

Good Bye!

Rimmel London ; Kate Moss Lipstick Collection

Hello Everyone.

It’s been really long since I’ve posted anything. My sincere apologies.

So, few days back Kate Moss came up with a lipstick line in collaboration with Rimmel London – actually named Kate!

The lipstick comes in a complete black packaging with Kate written in red, on it’s cap.


The collection has 15 shades in total ranging from nudes to purples, pinks and reds.

The one I’m talking about is a gorgeous deep purple which in my opinion won’t be very much flattering on much deeper skin tones but most of the complexions can pull it off easily. Here’s a swatch;

The lipstick is beautifully pigmented and is very comfortable on the lips, lasting you around 3 to 4 hours. Also, the formula is creamy and glides on very nicely plus the finish is glossy. But not to ignore the fact that these lipsticks aren’t paraben free (contains Propylparaben) which obviously is dangerous for us in the long run, also, they have a bad scent (at least in my opinion).

The amount of product you get inside is the standard 0.14oz (or 4g).

Talking about the price, it costs US$ 4.99* at Target (similar to the regular Rimmel lipsticks) and  4.49* pounds on the UK’s amazon.

Now on to the ratings which I won’t be giving this time because seriously I’m not comfortable in rating a product that has parabens!

So, that’s all for this time.

Hope to come back soon with something new.

Till then

Good Bye, take care !

*prices w.r.t original Rimmel and amazon website.

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Hello Everybody, Hope all of you are doing great.

Today, I’m extremely excited to bring you an amazing giveaway (Yayyy!!)

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My best wishes to all entering the giveaway!

Shall see you soon!

Till then, Take Care 🙂

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Blackheads Removal – DIY !

Hello Everyone. Hope all of you are doing good 🙂

Today, I’m gonna be sharing a DIY, i.e. to remove those bad stubborn blackheads that sit on our face without our will.

Now blackheads, if not treated immediately, will become an ugly part of your face and then, won’t go easily. So, here’s my tried-and-tested DIY for you!

This DIY is super easy because it requires only 2 ingredients (Yes, only 2!) that are already there in your fridge.

What you need to do is separate an egg-white from its yolk and beat until it becomes fluffy. Now, add 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon in it and mix again, well.

Here’s what the mixture should look like;

Egg-white and 1tbsp lemon.
Egg-white and 1tbsp lemon.

Next, take a clean cotton ball and dip it in the mixture for a few seconds so that the mixture is properly absorbed in the cotton ball. Now, dab the cotton on your nose (and other affected area like cheeks) and let the mixture dry. It normally take 10-15 minutes.

Once the mixture is dry, wash it with tap water and see the difference for yourself.

Let me give you a little evidence too 😉

Before and After *
Before and After *

Make sure that you apply the mixture on dry bare face so that the results are maximised.

Do not forget to try and tell – I’d love to hear from you guys!

Until next time,

Take Care.

Xoxo 🙂

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