The Most Concerned Topic Among Girls !

Hello Pretty Readers !

What do you think is the most concerned topic among us girls? Answer is: Our Skin !

So, keeping that in mind, today I’ll be sharing my most trusted skincare routine.

While taking care of our skin the most important factor we sometimes tend to ignore is the right time. The right time to deeply exfoliate and cleanse our skin so that it is most effective.

The right time to deep condition your skin is right after you bath because your pores are open & the skin is soft, hence, the easiest to treat.


When I’m done bathing I’ll wash my face by mixing my Pond’s face-wash and my scrub (to avoid excessive dryness) and let my skin dry. Once the skin is almost dry I’ll tone-up my face with my Oriflame’s toner and a clean cotton ball, giving it around 2-3 mins to sit on my skin and then wash it only with lukewarm water (so that pores remain open).

Next, I’ll take a bowl and make a DIY cleansing mixture;

Take 1.5tbsp gram flour (besan). Add 0.25tsp turmeric powder (haldi) and a few drops of lemon (depending on your skin type. I’ve oily skin and more than 3-4 drops of lemon tend to break me out). Mix them well and make a paste (add lukewarm water if needed to make paste). Apply a thick coat on your entire face leaving eye and lip area. Let the mixture sit on your face for 30-40 mins (Ssshh.. this is the time to stay quiet and let the mask dry!). Now wash it again with lukewarm water (you need to be really gentle while washing off this mask as rough handling will cause wrinkles in the long term).

Now, lastly finish off by patting 1 or 2 ice cubes to shrink the open pores.

– And don’t forget to moisturize with your favourite moisturizer ! 

If you’ve oily skin like mine, you might need to apply ice twice to thrice (with 3-4 hours of gap in between) in order to completely avoid any oiliness that may occur because of lukewarm water.

Now, grab a mirror and enjoy your rejuvenated skin 😉

The first thing people notice is your skin !
The first thing people notice is your skin !

If you still have any confusions feel free to ask me in the comments section 🙂

See you in my next post.

Till then,

Have a good day!


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