Vaseline – A Saviour !!

Hello Everybody !

Hope all of you are doing good.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, so I’m back with another blog on our mutual saviour – The Vaseline.

Vaseline - The Saviour !

Vaseline is here since ages but it was not so long ago when people started to discover its fields of endeavor. So, today I’m gonna be discussing a few here.

1. Lip Balm : Vaseline is the best lip protector from chapping. A thin layer over-night will do wonders. Also, you can use a little amount under your favourite Matte Lipstick and it won’t look cracked.

2. Moisturizer : We all hate that winter-suffered skin when only lotion or skin moisturizer won’t satisfy us. So, it’s best to mix your favourite moisturizer with a bit of vaseline (depending on your skin) to achieve that baby soft skin.

3. Nail Shiner : This one is specially useful for frequent nail-polish users. You girls must know that our nail-polish removers kill our natural nail shine little by little, so to avoid dry and lifeless nails you can put a tiny amount of vaseline on your nails and massage it with a cotton ball (very gently so that you don’t remove the product but slightly rub it over your nails) to get your natural shine back.

Also, you can put vaseline around your nail-polish bottle cap before closing so that it won’t stick to its bottle giving you a hard time opening it 😉 !

4. Hair Dye : You can also avoid your forehead from staining by putting a thin layer of Vaseline before applying your hair dye.

5. Red Ear Lobes : Love wearing those heavy and stylish earrings but hate red ear lobes? Dip your earrings’ metal hoops in Vaseline and see the difference.

Vaseline *
Vaseline *

6. Cracked Heels : Prevent your heels from cracking by applying a thick layer on your feet over-night.

7. Mascara : Turn your favourite lengthening mascara into lengthening + volumising by coating a thin layer on your lashes before applying mascara and enjoy 2 in 1 benefits.

8. Jewellery : Are your bangles/rings a pain to remove? Coat your hands/fingers with vaseline and see them sliding off easily.

9. Eye Makeup Remover : If you’ve tried a world of eye makeup removers and none of them is gentle to your eyes then stop spending money on them. Apply a coat of vaseline and gently rub with a cotton ball, not only will it remove your makeup easily but also won’t irritate your eyes.

10. Keep Yourself Clean : Rub Vaseline on to your hands before painting your walls (or other messy work) and it’ll avoid paint from drying harshly on your skin, making it easy to wipe-off later.

These were my favourite tricks to use Vaseline. Share your favourite ones and I’ll see you next time 🙂

GoodBye !

*  the image was taken from the original vaseline website.


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