Color Studio Nail Polish – HAUTE – Product Review

Hello Everybody, I’m back with the promised review on Color Studio’s nail polish line named HAUTE.

The HAUTE line isn’t new but they recently came out with some new colors under Bubble Gum collection which, to be honest, I haven’t tried by now (cause Color Studio isn’t available in UAE, how sad is that !?). BUT, I’ve been using the same Haute line since long. And after a couple of uses I can say that the product falls perfectly fit on its name – Haute! 🙂

The product comes in a thick glass bottle which is pretty common for the nail polishes. Here’s how it looks like;


This line has a huge (yes, HUGE) color range from light to dark to glittery shades. And these are pretty opaque (see swatches below) so you don’t have to keep layering it to get the pigmentation.

* after single coat
The formula isn’t thick so it takes hardly a minute or two to dry on your nails plus it’s creamy enough to give you a shiny finish that you practically don’t need any top coat.

On me, without any base or top coat, these nail polishes do not wear off for around 4-5 days – that means the lasting power is pretty good.

Now coming to the price, each nail color costs Rs 250 (£ 4.50) which is, for me, neither cheap nor costly considering the amount of product you get.

Keeping the quality in mind, I’m extremely excited for the new collection Color Studio is coming out with i.e. Bubble Gum.

Overall, I’d give this product some 4/5 !

Let me know what do you think of this product and I’ll see you next time!

Take Care, till then.


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