Rimmel London ; Kate Moss Lipstick Collection

Hello Everyone.

It’s been really long since I’ve posted anything. My sincere apologies.

So, few days back Kate Moss came up with a lipstick line in collaboration with Rimmel London – actually named Kate!

The lipstick comes in a complete black packaging with Kate written in red, on it’s cap.


The collection has 15 shades in total ranging from nudes to purples, pinks and reds.

The one I’m talking about is a gorgeous deep purple which in my opinion won’t be very much flattering on much deeper skin tones but most of the complexions can pull it off easily. Here’s a swatch;

The lipstick is beautifully pigmented and is very comfortable on the lips, lasting you around 3 to 4 hours. Also, the formula is creamy and glides on very nicely plus the finish is glossy. But not to ignore the fact that these lipsticks aren’t paraben free (contains Propylparaben) which obviously is dangerous for us in the long run, also, they have a bad scent (at least in my opinion).

The amount of product you get inside is the standard 0.14oz (or 4g).

Talking about the price, it costs US$ 4.99* at Target (similar to the regular Rimmel lipsticks) and  4.49* pounds on the UK’s amazon.

Now on to the ratings which I won’t be giving this time because seriously I’m not comfortable in rating a product that has parabens!

So, that’s all for this time.

Hope to come back soon with something new.

Till then

Good Bye, take care !

*prices w.r.t original Rimmel and amazon website.


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