Nivea BB Cream – First Impressions & Wear Test !

Hello Everybody. Hope you’re reading my post in your best health.

Today we shall be talking about Nivea BB Cream 5 in 1 Beautifying Moisturizer, which I never knew it existed.

Last weekend while looking for a new face scrub I discovered that they had a BB cream too, so thought to give it a try. This is how the packaging looks like;


Nivea BB Cream comes in only 2 shades (seriously!) Light and Medium. I picked up light and surprisingly it was a tone darker than my skintone. (I lie between fair and medium). Have a look;


I tried it anyhow and here’s what I felt after the very first application;

First Impression:

  1. Has thick consistency
  2. Smells like regular Nivea moisturizing cream
  3. Has Sheer coverage
  4. Looks oily on the skin (could be because I’ve oily skin, although I wore it without a moisturizer)
  5. Doesn’t feel tacky
  6. Accentuate dry patches (I’ve oily skin but it’s been dry since a few weeks because of the dehydration)
  7. Sits weirdly on the skin

Now, after wearing the BB Cream for around 5 hours it;

  1. Feels lightweight on the skin. You almost don’t feel it.
  2. Didn’t oxidise (and/or fade) on me which is rare because BB creams tend to fade on me from around the mouth very quickly.
  3. Didn’t cake up although I applied a thick layer because it almost gave me no coverage with the regular amount I normally use.
  4. But even after 5 hours it looked bad as if it wasn’t blended properly (even after a lot of blending). It looks like you’ve something artificial sitting on your face.
  5. Is long wearing.

Overall, this BB cream was a total fail for me mainly because it just doesn’t look good on the skin and gives you a very artificial look.

Have you tried this BB cream? What do you think of it? Let me know and i’ll see you next time.

Good Bye!


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