Skincare – Do’s & Don’ts

Hello People;

Today’s topic is a little bit different as you can tell from the title. It’s going to be a do’s and don’ts of the skincare regimen.

In today’s time when we’ve hundreds and thousands of products claiming to take care of our skin, we tend to forget the most basic and simple things that cost us nothing but are of great value. Let’s have a look;

DO’s :

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated: By drinking lots and lots of water. Water keeps your skin fresh and plump.
  • Removing Makeup: Before you hit bed, it’s very important to remove makeup and deep cleanse your face. Sleeping with makeup on can cause breakouts, large pores and can also speed up the ageing process of your skin because with makeup your skin can’t breathe.
  • Exfoliation: You must not forget to exfoliate your skin twice (or may be thrice) a week. This way you’ll be removing the dead cells and rejuvenating the skin.
  • Wear Sunscreen: Even if you’ll be exposed to sun for a few minutes only. Roasting your skin under the sun is very old school, protect it from sun’s scorching beams and you’ll notice a significant difference in how your skin look and feel.

DON’Ts :

  • Overlook Moisturizing: Even if you’ve oily skin you must still moisturize (try applying lotion on damp face, this way you’ll be putting less but still enough to keep the skin moisturized) because if you don’t, your skin will produce more oil causing you to breakout ( or just feel greasy in general).
  • Cleaning A Lot: Excess of anything is bad, so you must not wash your face more than twice a day or else you’ll dry out your skin.
  • Touch Your Face Irrelevantly: Because our hands catch the germs fastest and if you touch your face a lot, you’ll be transferring those germs onto your face.
  • Drinking Very Chilled Water: It’s best to drink water that is in room temperature (could be slightly chilled).
  • Eating Excessive Junk Food: Because your skin is what you eat. If you eat a lot of junk food ( or oily food in general) your skin might not necessarily breakout but will look dull and unfresh. Instead, you can eat fresh vegetables and fruits to look your best.

Remember, the more you take care, the more you’ll be friends with your skin. And seriously, who wants otherwise ?!

So people, that is it for today. Hope this was helpful in some way!

See you next time,

Take care !


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