Maybelline: Great Lash Mascara !

They say Eyes are the windows to your soul. Well, they meant eyelashes 😉

At least I think eyelashes play a major role in beautifying your eyes and a good mascara is may be all you need.

The mascara we’re talking about is here for a long time and it is called Great Lash Mascara from Maybelline New York.

As Always; here’s what it looks like:



The tube contains 12.5ml (or 0.43 FL OZ) and the black one is called Blackest Black.

I’ve worn this mascara probably three times and I know I don’t like it at all and here’s why;

The very first thing that threw me off about this mascara is its wand. The wand is so small that if you’ve long lashes you’ll probably take forever to coat them. I do like the bristles on this, they’re very similar to the Blinc mascara, but that doesn’t save the wand.


Just for your reference, I’ll show you the side by side comparison of this mascara’s wand and a regular wand.

See the difference ??








The formula is light weight but it smudges all over the place. Also, it takes a long while to dry. You might not find it smearing if you have shorter lashes but for people with long lashes it’s a nightmare.

Since I’ve long lashes, it seem to make a difference but actually it doesn’t add much volume or length to the lashes. But, yes, it does make them look very black.



Honestly, this mascara failed me on so many points but the ones I shared are the major things people look in a mascara.

So, I’ll wrap this post here.  Tell me if you’ve used this one or not? Do you like it? or may be you just agree with what I think!! Leave me a comment down below, I’d love to hear from you.

Good Bye till my next post,

see you soon !!




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