Luscious Cosmetics : Eye Pencils !

Hi Guys;

Today’s discussion revolves around some eye pencils from our very own Pakistani brand, Luscious Cosmetics.

They’ve two types of pencils. One is a kohl which is for your waterline called Cream Kohl Liner and the other one is to be used on upper/lower lids called Bold Intense Eyeliner.

L to R : Electric Blue, Amethyst, Moss Green

We’ll be talking about them separately.

Bold Intense Eyeliner :

So these eyeliners come in 8 different shades. And their key claim is “a smudge-proof and transfer-resistant formula for endless wear.

Let’s first look at the swatches;

* These pencils are not the softest in terms of their creaminess and application. They tug on the eyes.

* They smudge on me from the inner and outer corners of my lid which could be because I’ve oily eyelids.

* The shade range is amazing.

* These pencils are waterproof.

* Vegan and Paraben free.

* Costs Rs 515 each.

Out of all the shades “Amethyst” is the one that smudges the most and has the poorest quality.

Cream Kohl Liner :

These ones come in 6 different shades and claim to be creamy and pigmented.

Here are all the swatches;

Now as per their claims these pencils are very soft, creamy and pigmented but unfortunately they smudge horribly and even before smudging they start to fade and disappear from the waterline.

These are good for first 1-2 hours but not so much afterwards.

And each one of these cost around 550 pkr.

All in all I’d give them 3 stars out of 5 as these are neither the best nor the worst.

Have you tried these pencils? What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments down below, I’d love to hear from you. Xoxo!

*the pictures of full swatches are taken from the website.


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