Rimmel London ; Kate Moss Lipstick Collection

Hello Everyone.

It’s been really long since I’ve posted anything. My sincere apologies.

So, few days back Kate Moss came up with a lipstick line in collaboration with Rimmel London – actually named Kate!

The lipstick comes in a complete black packaging with Kate written in red, on it’s cap.


The collection has 15 shades in total ranging from nudes to purples, pinks and reds.

The one I’m talking about is a gorgeous deep purple which in my opinion won’t be very much flattering on much deeper skin tones but most of the complexions can pull it off easily. Here’s a swatch;

The lipstick is beautifully pigmented and is very comfortable on the lips, lasting you around 3 to 4 hours. Also, the formula is creamy and glides on very nicely plus the finish is glossy. But not to ignore the fact that these lipsticks aren’t paraben free (contains Propylparaben) which obviously is dangerous for us in the long run, also, they have a bad scent (at least in my opinion).

The amount of product you get inside is the standard 0.14oz (or 4g).

Talking about the price, it costs US$ 4.99* at Target (similar to the regular Rimmel lipsticks) and  4.49* pounds on the UK’s amazon.

Now on to the ratings which I won’t be giving this time because seriously I’m not comfortable in rating a product that has parabens!

So, that’s all for this time.

Hope to come back soon with something new.

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*prices w.r.t original Rimmel and amazon website.


GIVEAWAY – Emma Winston Floating Earring Boutique !

Hello Everybody, Hope all of you are doing great.

Today, I’m extremely excited to bring you an amazing giveaway (Yayyy!!)

This giveaway* is the courtesy of Emma Winston – a company based in New York and deals in unique, contemporary jewellery pieces that suit any occasion, day or night. Her pieces have a very feminine feel and are designed using classic forms, striking an elegant balance between trendy and timeless design.

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My best wishes to all entering the giveaway!

Shall see you soon!

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*  Note;

1- This giveaway is open till Nov 15, 2015 and is open for U.S residents only.

2- For any rules related to this giveaway please check the website ( http://www.emmawinston.com ).

3- Winners will be announced on the same website mentioned above.

4- I’m, in no way, responsible for anything related to this giveaway as I’m only a promoter (on company’s will) and all the rights are reserved by the company itself.

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Blackheads Removal – DIY !

Hello Everyone. Hope all of you are doing good 🙂

Today, I’m gonna be sharing a DIY, i.e. to remove those bad stubborn blackheads that sit on our face without our will.

Now blackheads, if not treated immediately, will become an ugly part of your face and then, won’t go easily. So, here’s my tried-and-tested DIY for you!

This DIY is super easy because it requires only 2 ingredients (Yes, only 2!) that are already there in your fridge.

What you need to do is separate an egg-white from its yolk and beat until it becomes fluffy. Now, add 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon in it and mix again, well.

Here’s what the mixture should look like;

Egg-white and 1tbsp lemon.
Egg-white and 1tbsp lemon.

Next, take a clean cotton ball and dip it in the mixture for a few seconds so that the mixture is properly absorbed in the cotton ball. Now, dab the cotton on your nose (and other affected area like cheeks) and let the mixture dry. It normally take 10-15 minutes.

Once the mixture is dry, wash it with tap water and see the difference for yourself.

Let me give you a little evidence too 😉

Before and After *
Before and After *

Make sure that you apply the mixture on dry bare face so that the results are maximised.

Do not forget to try and tell – I’d love to hear from you guys!

Until next time,

Take Care.

Xoxo 🙂

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My Holy Grail MakeUp Setting Powder

Hello Everybody, Its been long since I updated my blog and Yes, apologies for that 🙂

So, for today, I’ve my favorite makeup setting powder stories to share with you I.e. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder !

This product is around for more than a year and a half, but I started using it about a year ago.

Here’s what it looks like;

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - 003- Peach Glow
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder – 003- Peach Glow

The packaging is, to be honest, very cheap and THERE’S NO MIRROR !! But, I overlooked it because Obviously! 😉

It comes in 8 different shades (not all the shades are available in every country), have a look;

From Left to right; Transparent, Peach Glow, Sandstorm, Silky Beige, Creamy Natural, Buff Beige, Nude Beige, Creamy Beige. (Names could be different in different countries) *

Now, on to the actual product. The formula is something I Love because it claims to control shine (oil) and it does (for around 5 hours, on me) plus it will minimise the pore appearance if yours’ aren’t dramatic. The texture isn’t powdery or chalky at all – feels almost like a cream and hence, gives a smooth look and is very light weight on the skin.

The application is flawless, it blends well and is not cakey whatsoever. Although it doesn’t give you any extra coverage but I find it a Little bit brightening – I mean it’s not flat transparent.

As for its lasting power, it lasts for around 5 hours and then my T-zone starts to get oily, for which, I can put another layer and it won’t crease.


One thing I noticed about it is that it doesn’t work very good with brushes, you need a sponge to properly mattify/powder your face.

Price wise, it is £3.99 / AED 29 / Rs 800 !

Overall, this is the product one must try, I’d give it 4/5 !

What’s your all time favorite makeup setting powder? Tell me in the comments down below and Thank you so much for having a look, hope to see you soon.

Till then, take care.

∗ the image is taken from the internet.

Color Studio Nail Polish – HAUTE – Product Review

Hello Everybody, I’m back with the promised review on Color Studio’s nail polish line named HAUTE.

The HAUTE line isn’t new but they recently came out with some new colors under Bubble Gum collection which, to be honest, I haven’t tried by now (cause Color Studio isn’t available in UAE, how sad is that !?). BUT, I’ve been using the same Haute line since long. And after a couple of uses I can say that the product falls perfectly fit on its name – Haute! 🙂

The product comes in a thick glass bottle which is pretty common for the nail polishes. Here’s how it looks like;


This line has a huge (yes, HUGE) color range from light to dark to glittery shades. And these are pretty opaque (see swatches below) so you don’t have to keep layering it to get the pigmentation.

* after single coat
The formula isn’t thick so it takes hardly a minute or two to dry on your nails plus it’s creamy enough to give you a shiny finish that you practically don’t need any top coat.

On me, without any base or top coat, these nail polishes do not wear off for around 4-5 days – that means the lasting power is pretty good.

Now coming to the price, each nail color costs Rs 250 (£ 4.50) which is, for me, neither cheap nor costly considering the amount of product you get.

Keeping the quality in mind, I’m extremely excited for the new collection Color Studio is coming out with i.e. Bubble Gum.

Overall, I’d give this product some 4/5 !

Let me know what do you think of this product and I’ll see you next time!

Take Care, till then.

Color Studio Professional Pure Matt Lipsticks – Product Review

Hello Everybody! I hope each one of you is doing good.

Today, I’m back with another product review, this time on Color Studio Pure Matt Lipsticks.

Let’s start with the first thing you’d notice – it’s packaging. The product is packed in a beautiful black plastic case with golden detailing, which I find very classy. Color Studio did a pretty good job with the packaging. Here’s how it looks like;


Now, on to the actual product – the lipstick.

As the name tells, these lipsticks are a matte formula. Although it is matte but the lipsticks are not at all drying or patchy. They actually feel creamy and lightweight on lips.

Ask me about the pigmentation and I’ll be more than happy to tell you that the color payoff is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !  (see the swatches below). Additionally, the color comes off exactly the way it looks in the tube.

Pure Matt - swatches! LA ROUGE (left) & VENOM (right)
Pure Matt – swatches!
LA ROUGE (left) & VENOM (right)

Another thing I’d mention is its lasting power. The lipstick will literally last you all day (at least on me it does) which is the best part. You won’t have to keep reapplying the product to keep the color bold.

Last (but certainly NOT the least) is the price – which I know is the deciding factor 😉 ! So, I’m glad to tell you that each lipstick costs Rs 750 only (£ 8.50) which isn’t bad keeping in mind that there’s almost nothing bad about this lipstick.

I’d give this product a happy 5/5 as I haven’t noticed any drawback whatsoever, which, by the way makes it a recommended product 😉 !

Have you used these Pure Matt lipsticks? What do you think of them? I’d love to know!

And coming up is the review on their Color Studio Nail Polish line named Haute so stay tuned for that too.

Till then, Take Care !

Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector – Product Review!

Hello Everybody, Hope all of you are doing good.

As we all know the number of foundations/ BB / CC creams available in market are unlimited but only few of them does a real good job and Luckily I’ve got you something that works great. Yes, The Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector !

Here’s what a miracle in a tube looks like 😉

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector.
Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector.

To be honest, this product is so well-known and probably doesn’t need my review but I find it so good that I wanted to write a few words for it.

This product claims to perfect skin tone and Yes, It Does ! If you’re a consistent user you’ll notice a significant difference in your skin tone and dark spots, at least I did.

It works well with both sheer and heavy application. For heavy coverage, a damp beauty blender is a great choice (or may be a flat-top foundation brush) whereas for light coverage I like to apply it with my fingertips and it works just as great.

It also has SPF 20 which, for some people, isn’t enough but I, personally, like the foundations / BB creams with no or low SPF or else it shines back in the photographs.

Another good thing I like about this BB Cream is its consistency. It is neither runny nor very thick which is good as this way it’s easy-to-apply.

The only drawback of this product is that it isn’t available in a wide color range (available in Light & Medium only), even though I’ve my good match (yay !!) but people with deep or very fair skin tones won’t be able to find their exact matches.

On me this product go shine-free for around 3-5 hours and then you might need a powder touch up (or oil blotting sheets) depending on how oily your skin is.

Overall, I’d rate this product a good 3.9 stars out of 5  🙂 !

What’s your opinion on this miracle-in-a-tube? let me know in the comments section down below and I’ll see you next time!

Xo !

Waking Up Groggy ? Here’s The Reason Why !

Hello Pretty Readers;

As we know, more than half of us wake up groggy every morning and couldn’t figure out why! This is because of the poor sleep quality. It doesn’t matter how long you sleep for; if it was a low-quality sleep, you’ll wake up tired.

There are many reasons affecting your sleep quality resulting you to wake up tired and unfresh. Here are a few of them.

Excessive Scrolling: Yes, by that I’m referring to our addiction towards Internet and Television. Most of us use phone or watch TV for late hours at night which is a huge disaster.

The blue rays emitting from your Television/laptop/Smartphone screens can make it hard for you to fall asleep. Reason: Blue light suppresses the production of a hormone (Melatonin) secreted at sunset that tells the brain to sleep because it’s night-time.

Irregular Bedtime: Always try to follow a proper schedule – not only for sleeping but for whatever you do. Most of the tiredness happens because we’re bad at sticking to regular bedtime. Having said that, it’s best to go bed early as you must have heard “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Get Going During The Day: Obviously, because if you stay lazy or inactive during the daytime, you won’t be tired enough by the night-time to sleep well. Do jogging and exercising at least 4-5 times a week so that your body demands rest making you sleep properly.

Cut Down Caffeine: Specially few hours before going to bed because caffeine keeps our mind awake resulting in a poor sleep quality. Hence, we wake up tired.

Look What You Eat: Because eating spicy, oily or a lot of junk food (even eating a lot in general) can cause digestive problems which hinders our sleep. Also, being Muslims our religion tells us to eat light dinners 🙂

Eating Schedule: Eating right before bedtime or having a short gap between dinner and zZz-time can cause discomfort during sleep resulting in tiredness even after 8 hours of rest.

Sleeping Too Much: You read that right! If You sleep a lot during the day time – or even if you sleep for long hours at night, you’ll wake up tired and groggy.

Sleep is a phenomenon, not only sleeping sound but long enough (8 hours at night in general) is important for waking up fresh and energised in the morning. A little attention towards your lifestyle can make a huge difference on your sleep and positive energy.

How do you keep yourself fresh and energised? Let me know and I’ll see you next time 🙂


Vaseline – A Saviour !!

Hello Everybody !

Hope all of you are doing good.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, so I’m back with another blog on our mutual saviour – The Vaseline.

Vaseline - The Saviour !

Vaseline is here since ages but it was not so long ago when people started to discover its fields of endeavor. So, today I’m gonna be discussing a few here.

1. Lip Balm : Vaseline is the best lip protector from chapping. A thin layer over-night will do wonders. Also, you can use a little amount under your favourite Matte Lipstick and it won’t look cracked.

2. Moisturizer : We all hate that winter-suffered skin when only lotion or skin moisturizer won’t satisfy us. So, it’s best to mix your favourite moisturizer with a bit of vaseline (depending on your skin) to achieve that baby soft skin.

3. Nail Shiner : This one is specially useful for frequent nail-polish users. You girls must know that our nail-polish removers kill our natural nail shine little by little, so to avoid dry and lifeless nails you can put a tiny amount of vaseline on your nails and massage it with a cotton ball (very gently so that you don’t remove the product but slightly rub it over your nails) to get your natural shine back.

Also, you can put vaseline around your nail-polish bottle cap before closing so that it won’t stick to its bottle giving you a hard time opening it 😉 !

4. Hair Dye : You can also avoid your forehead from staining by putting a thin layer of Vaseline before applying your hair dye.

5. Red Ear Lobes : Love wearing those heavy and stylish earrings but hate red ear lobes? Dip your earrings’ metal hoops in Vaseline and see the difference.

Vaseline *
Vaseline *

6. Cracked Heels : Prevent your heels from cracking by applying a thick layer on your feet over-night.

7. Mascara : Turn your favourite lengthening mascara into lengthening + volumising by coating a thin layer on your lashes before applying mascara and enjoy 2 in 1 benefits.

8. Jewellery : Are your bangles/rings a pain to remove? Coat your hands/fingers with vaseline and see them sliding off easily.

9. Eye Makeup Remover : If you’ve tried a world of eye makeup removers and none of them is gentle to your eyes then stop spending money on them. Apply a coat of vaseline and gently rub with a cotton ball, not only will it remove your makeup easily but also won’t irritate your eyes.

10. Keep Yourself Clean : Rub Vaseline on to your hands before painting your walls (or other messy work) and it’ll avoid paint from drying harshly on your skin, making it easy to wipe-off later.

These were my favourite tricks to use Vaseline. Share your favourite ones and I’ll see you next time 🙂

GoodBye !

*  the image was taken from the original vaseline website.

Garnier Skin Naturals Makeup Remover Milk – Product Review

Hello Everyone, hope all of you are doing good !

Today I’m gonna be reviewing a product that isn’t much ‘talked about’ – The Garnier Skin Naturals Makeup Remover Milk. I’ve mine in Detoxifying Grape Extract.

Garnier Skin Naturals Makeup Remover Milk
Garnier Skin Naturals Makeup Remover Milk

Although this product isn’t a new launch yet I think it deserves a few words of appreciation. At first I was quite reluctant to buy Garnier in particular because their products don’t usually suit me (I’ve sensitive skin) but thought to give it a try because this makeup remover milk claims to work for sensitive skin. AND YES, IT WORKED! This formula isn’t only super friendly on my skin but it also is very effective in removing any sort of makeup be it heavy or light.

Unlike other Garnier products, it didn’t break me out nor it leaves my skin feeling heavy.

The only thing I felt about this particular product is that it irritates my eyes leaving them slightly red for around 15-20 mins.

Overall, I’ll give this product 4 stars out of 5.

What do you think of this product? Let me know !

See you next time with something new.